Collection: Norcold® 1200 Series Power Boards and Board Kits

The boards below are for Norcold® 1200 Series Refrigerators. To determine which power board fits your specific model, you need to know your refrigerators serial number. Some of the older style boards are no longer in production, so you will have to purchase a Board Kit, replacing the Power Board, Optical Control Board and the wire adapters. 

Your refrigerator serial number can be found inside the refrigerator cabinet on the manufacturer label. 

Once you have your serial number, find where that number falls in the number breaks below and the link will take you directly to the board or board kit.

Serial Numbers:

 520961 and Below  Norcold® Board Kit 633205
520961 - 832171  Norcold® Board Kit 633275
832171 - 8981138

Norcold® Power Board 621271001

Norcold® Board Kit 633299

8981138 and Above

 Norcold® Power Board 628661