Collection: Norcold® 2118 PolarMax Replacement Parts

Norcold® 2118 PolarMax Replacement Parts!

The largest made-for-RV refrigerator ever!

  • 18.3 cubic feet of storage!
  • Designed for the rigors of the road
  • Very quiet operation
  • Energy Efficient
    • Automatically switches to LP operation if electricity is unavailable
    • Energy-efficient operation reduces battery demand
  • Eye-level exterior LCD Control Panel that’s easy to see and operate
  • Maximum Storage
    • Full-width, easily-adjustable shelves for maximum flexibility
    • Full-width food and freezer compartments for maximum storage
    • The only RV refrigerator with humidity-controlled vegetable bins
  • Positive-locking, recessed Door Handles open easily and have a built-in travel latch
  • Available Upgrades
    • Built-in Ice Maker
    • Stainless steel doors


Below are all available parts and products that fit the Norcold® 2118 PolarMax refrigerator. It is helpful to know both the model and serial number of your refrigerator, this will make it easier locating the correct parts. Both the model and serial number can be found inside the refrigerator on the manufacturers label. 


Choose from one of the following part categories below, or scroll through all available parts;

 Interior Cabinet (Bins, Shelves, etc.) Thermistor Heating Element
Burner and Orifice Optical Display Boards Power Boards
Refrigerator Replacement Doors and Hardware Gas Valves Cooling Unit and Fans
Misc. Parts