Collection: Norcold® N7V/N7X/N7LX/NA7LX Polar Series Refrigerator Replacement Parts

New to the line of Norcold Refrigerators, the N7V/N7X/N7LX/NA7LX Polar Series offers modern design upgrades as well as state-of-the art technology.

All available replacement parts are listed below. If you are having trouble locating a part, we are always available to answer any questions!

In order to quickly locate the correct parts, it is helpful to know your refrigerators model and serial number. Both of which can be found on the inside of the refrigerator on the manufacturers label. 

Choose from one of the following part categories below, or scroll through all available parts;


Refrigerator/Freezer Doors, Door Panels and Hardware Thermistors Rear Controls; Gas Valve, Burner and Orifice, Spark Sense Electrode, Etc. 
Optical Board, Power Supply Circuit Board, and Board Kits Rear Cabinet; AC Heating Element, Drain Hose, Temp. Monitor Control, Etc. Cooling Unit and Fans
Interior Cabinet; Shelves, Bins, Door Bins, and Lighting Misc. Parts and Accessories